You may chose to do business with anyone you please. You may chose to do business with a company you perceive to be inexpensive, since you hate to spend all that money in making sure your affairs are in order. (Forgetting they are dealing with one of the most important things in your life!)  But is this a very successful company or just cheap one and are you risking being left stranded ?

Or do business with a fairly new company, that perhaps is not so experienced, allowing them to make their experience on your skin.

Or with a company  recommended to you by a relative, but of whom you do not have any direct knowledge. A relative that wants you to fail, as he did, and hates it for you to be better off.

You could make all the mistakes you want and feel good about it, reminding yourself that it is all part of  life’s experiences and yes, mistakes are unavoidable and part of life. Or avoid the mistakes completely, using someone else’s expertise and experience,  and do good instead of just feeling good.

You could do nothing and leave things as they are, because is too hard to make a decision  and to face change. And when the time comes, blame someone else for your inaction.


You could review and make use of the information on this website, follow the process and call and make an appointment to visit with us because:

  1. We have been in business for 18 years taking care of people.
  2. We have a proven track record, successful 100% of the time when our solutions were tried and implemented
  3. We do it through Independent Fiduciary Responsibility
  4. And we provide guarantees.

Note: If you are going to consult 5 different advisors and compare their advice and then chose the one you think is be best, please do not call on us.

We do not participate in games, because we do not think that your retirement is a game. We really do not care what the other advisors think or do. In fact there is no competition, since what we do is so unique that there is not a point of comparison from which to judge. We do it right. Our ever growing number of happy clients are the proof of that.

Let’s find out together what is the best way to take care of your retirement.

Call (832) 320-3311 or email info@PRESERVEfirst.comtoday to schedule your appointment