People who are concerned about the future of their life during retirement and of its quality and, especially those who would like to have control of how their retirement funds are going to work for them, not outliving them and, on how their legacy will be carried out, find a home at PRESERVEfirst.

Most of the clients have questions on their minds that need to find an answer that no one has been able to provide for them, fully connecting all the dots at the same time, in a logical and proper way, in order to formulate a workable program (that is often missing) that will give them peace of mind. They are looking to be able to enjoy the retirement years without worries and that their loved ones will be taken care.

Advisors have helped them in the past but their advice was too narrow and/or limited to dollars and cents, sometimes with very bad results, losing money left and right and not taking care of other aspects of retirement like, wills, trusts, taxes and probate.

In many, a sense of helplessness and lack of direction had set in, sometimes to find advisors more interested in their money than in their lives.

That is what we found our clients to be seeking when their quest for a solution brought them to our doors.

Our clients found a home in our company because we put the individual and his/her dreams ahead of everything else.  We solve their problems and create a program that we put in writing, as a blueprint for their retirement. Easy to follow and execute and once that is in place everything else follows in place.

Truly peace of mind. And we follow their success in retirement with constant contact and reviews, making adjustments as circumstances change.

In our client base we have:

Doctors, that like our services  because we can act promptly and save them precious time due to their hectic schedules.

Engineers, that like the care and attention we put on details and the extensive research that is done.

Teachers, that found possible to have a great retirement regardless of their TSA situation.

Electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers and air-conditioning professionals that didn’t have time to think about retirement, due to their involved profession, that found we were able to create for them a program that worked and they could count on.

Fishermen, who never thought it was possible to save a penny with their work.

Business executives, that had all the help they wanted but saw our approach was the best.

Restaurant Owners, that spent more time with clients and vendors and did not have time for themselves.

Widows, that did not know where to start from to make sense of their financial matters, since their husbands took care of all of it in life.

Busy singles and couples, that due to a very active life, have little time for searching and separating the fluff from the substance and wanted to get to the point and have their lives on the right track, without fooling with uncharted and unproven ways.

And many more……

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