Here is where the FiduciaryAdvisory and its “Independent Fiduciary Responsibility” comes into place. It means that the adviser is not tied to any brokerage firm or any insurance company, but acts totally independent, working exclusively on behalf of his clients and for their success. Your success is the adviser’s success and what a success will be if you let Adrian, with his attention to detail and his training in reshaping things as an architect would, apply them to your personal finances and retirement life.

Unlike the commission broker, that has a commission as the base of his/hers compensation and, for that reason, the more transactions your account has the more commissions earned, the Fiduciary Advisory is tied to a fee the client agrees upon, and there is only one way for the adviser to make money, which is to increase your funds. Also, the Independent Adviser can choose from all the 13,000 plus mutual funds available or stocks, not being restricted to any or to the ones mandated by the brokerage house because of their intrinsic profitability, either because of fees or upfront or back charges.

It is logical to assume that the Independent Fiduciary Responsibility Adviser will chose the best funds and stocks possible, at the lowest costs for the client, in order to grow the portfolio. The accounts are also monitored daily, to ensure that few or no losses happen.

At the same time, when it comes to fixed products, like fixed annuities , life insurance and LTC, the Independent Advisers, can chose from any program available, without being constricted by any company he represents to chose any particular program but the one that is the best for your needs.

These programs are at no cost to the client because there is a built in fee paid by the insurance company to the adviser. Again these fees are equal throughout  the spectrum of the different programs offered, making the clients interest the most important thing, and not subjecting it to favoritism versus any particular insurance company.

After the first free consultation, the client will agree with  Mr. Zangirolami to a fee for the creation of the program and its follow up and an ongoing minimal management and maintenance fee.

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