The process

Someone to watch over you...


  • You will be contacted and a time scheduled for your 1st appointment


  • You will receive a confirmation letter and a map to get to your 1st appointment. You will have to bring some requested documents with you. If for any reason you do not bring them, the appointment will have to be re-scheduled. Without the requested documents is not possible to make an assessment of your goals, needs etc, therefore the appointments will not be a valid experience.


  • Your 1st appointment will be dedicated to get acquainted, understand you and your needs, do some more fact finding and a question and answer session. Fees will be discussed.  Expect to spend 1 to 1 ½ hours for this session. You cannot become a client in the first appointment.


  • Your documentation will then be examined and a plan formulated, based on your documents, your input, and your expectations.


  • A 2nd appointment will be set up and you will be shown the formulated plan and its components and it will be reviewed for what the plan will do for you. You will have the possibility of asking all the questions you need to fully understand what is proposed to you. You then will have the choice of accepting the plan and implement it. Expect to spend 2 to 2 ½ hours in this meeting


  • If needed, a  3rd meeting will be set up to review the plan once more and ask more questions.


  • After implementation you will come to a 4th appointment to receive the plan and all its parts for safe keeping.


  • You will have monthly, quarterly and yearly reviews of your plan accordingly to what was done. The constant contact system is in place.


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