At PRESERVEfirst, we have a special program for business owners like yourself.

Whether you are an electrician, a carpenter, an ac/heating specialist, a plumber or any other tradesman, we understand the importance of time management.

We appreciate the fact that time is money and you are spread very thin throughout each and every day. Being self-employed makes it hard to find time in the daily grind to pay attention to other things and, unfortunately, that sometimes includes your financial outlook and your retirement planning.

That is where PreserveFirst comes in. We help save you valuable time and hard earned money. We understand your situation; we know how precious your time is. To help, we have devised a system that takes into account your busy schedule. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you have the services of a financial professional handling the details for you, sort of putting all the ducks in a row when it comes to taxes, finances, and retirement? What we offer allows you to invest a minimum of time with a maximum result and, most importantly, peace of mind. Also with a substantial savings in the creation and implementation of your plan, as we are a fee based advisory.

Please allow us to show you the range of services we provide that will suit your needs by following this simple schedule……

1. Set up a time to visit us at our office. We will make sure that it is a time convenient for you, even after usual business hours or on Saturdays. We require the first visit to be at our office because the need of making copies of documents, making phone calls etc.

2. Set up a second visit to work on the plan and get you going in the right direction. This second appointment will be done at your convenience, whether at your place of business or at your home. The times will be also flexible and we will be available before or after business hours and on Saturdays.

3. Set up a third visit in our office to implement the plan. The use of our office would be necessary in order to make copies, approve documents, make phone calls and meet with our Attorney and/or CPA if the need arises. Again this will be done at your convenience and at flexible times.


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