Adrian Zangirolami. Owner

Adrian Zangirolami was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina from an Italian father and a Russian mother. By 1962, Argentina was in an economic downturn and the family, searching for more stability went back to its roots in Venice Italy. Adrian finished high school and went on to become an architect. After he graduated University, he went to work for the City of Venice as an Architect in charge of the remodeling and updating the centuries old properties and palaces owned by the City, the County and the State. That was a work of love, trying to keep those beautiful places from deteriorating and being devastated by the high tides that Venice was subjected to so very often. After working for the City of Venice for a few years, he grew weary of the political situation in Italy and having family in the US decided to move there. He landed in Houston in 1975 and has been in this great city ever since.

He was not able to pursue his career in architecture in Houston and after a few years of working for others , in 1987 he opened his own restaurant on Richmond Ave. But, after a bad fishing accident, he was not able to keep up with the fast pace required by the business, therefore in 1993 he started his second career, specializing in helping people with their retirement needs. He has treated his clients with the same devotion he had for those old buildings in Venice. If he could keep those palaces from falling apart, imagine what he can do for people to help keep their retirement from falling apart.


Mr. Zangirolami is a member of the National Ethics Bureau, a certified annuity advisor and holds professional insurance licenses.   He also is a registered Investment Advisor Representative, ready to assist with stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and in managing such funds in an Independent Fiduciary Responsibility approach.

Radio Show


On the air at 700 AM – KSEV radio

Mr. Zangirolami, appears monthly in his own Radio Show with Homework Houston, a popular radio commentary on 700 AM – KSEV radio. He also lectures about retirement, as a public  service, in various libraries and campuses around Houston, Katy, Magnolia, Pearland, Sugar Land, etc.   The most recent one was held as a class for seniors at the Lone Star Community College in Cypress, TX.

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