PRESERVEfirst is a company owned by Zangirolami and Associates LTD, based in Houston, TX and operating throughout the State of Texas and the US. It is a Retirement and Estate Planning company in business since 1993 helping people create a safe and secure retirement.  We are assisted in our business by a CPA Firm and a Law Firm to help clients in all aspects of the retirement process, including but not limited to wills, trusts, tax advising and preparation.

PRESERVEfirst is a company of a very unique kind in the US. Our goal is to create a program – “a blueprint for retirement” – that the client could follow and implement by himself or with our help. The process for the creation of this program has several important steps:

  1. Client interview to determine their goals in life and in retirement
  2. Individuation of the available funds and the legal instruments
  3. Create and grow wealth
  4. Protect and preserve wealth
  5. Plan the distribution of wealth during life
  6. Plan the distribution of wealth at death
  7. Do it all in the most tax advantageous way
  8. Redact a formal plan
  9. Implementation of the plan

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