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Giving Thanks

download (1)It is again that time of the year where we celebrate giving thanks to God for the bounty we have received. Although the real story is that the pilgrims were giving thanks for switching from a social communist way of life, that was tried and was miserably failing, to a capitalistic society. That immediately brought abundance to the society with the flourishing of profit in their businesses and ventures.

The turkeys and the Indians were incidental to the story but not the real reason for giving thanks.

That said, I believe is essential and very important to be content of what we have, count our own blessings, brought  to us by our families, work and leisure time. And then set ourselves to progress and better ourselves and our lives, by reaching for the stars. During this time we should be constantly grateful to God for what we already have and for what is coming in our lives, as if it is already ours to have and already in our possession: be it material things, spiritual goals or enhanced love for us and others.

Money has to have a purpose and until we find what is the purpose for the money we have or want to have, we are not going to enjoy having the money nor achieving it. And, one of the most important purposes for money is to help others achieve their goals so we are going to be able to achieve ours.

In money matters we, as individuals, should come first. We need to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of our families and others. Then we should remember of tithing and give to charities. The more we do all of this the more will come back to us, ten fold.

I believe in helping people get to their financial dreams. Part done with investing in the market and part done thru safe money. Both have their place in the equation of creating wealth for now and the future. If properly used and combined, by tailoring a program to the needs of the client, the results will be outstanding.

True investing in the market is achieved only by owning equities, diversifying and rebalancing. The chase for the mutual fund of the day and the sky rocketing growth of some stock is not only surely bring to lose money but is like gambling your hard earned money in Las Vegas. There is no one than can predict the market no matter if they tell you that they can. Investing is a long term proposition and the markets are always right. So why fight them? Just go with them.

Safe money is tied to the right program and the right company. Is where you find a pole to scratch yourself into, when things are not so good around. Is where you find the money to invest when the markets take off again. Is where you find the security of income for years to come without losses.

So, as you see, you need both to be truly successful in creating wealth and manage it.

We do this day in day out for our clients. Call us if you want to have a consultation without obligation. You have nothing to lose to seek another opinion.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families, and thank you for all the trust and business you have given us.


Health Care after Retirement

health-insurance-after-retirement-know-your-optionsThe most difficult issue retirees will face in the future is how to pay for health care costs. Many who had depended on company health care plans are now being unceremoniously dropped from company health care programs. Retirees must prepare fall back positions to deal with access and affordability of health insurance in retirement.


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