fishing-imageHere they are! The dog days of summer! It is hard to concentrate on your work when you would like to be out on the beach or walking trails somewhere in the cool mountains.

One thing I have found very relaxing and that brings me close to nature is fishing. Fishing not only for the sake of catching fish, but also for the time it allows you to be with yourself. Fishing is a great time to think about your work, business, family and projects. It’s a great opportunity to fantasize and soar with your mind.

If you indulge in some vices like myself, have a beer and a cigar. I personally haven’t smoked a cigarette since 1985, but occasionally I enjoy a good cigar. It helps me relax and concentrate on my thoughts.

I found that nature has many beautiful sounds that contribute to enhance your enjoyment on a fishing day. Various kinds of birds make different calls, maybe searching for their mate, maybe out of pure happiness. The water is splashing on the shore or on your boat. The wind is whistling a slow tune in your ears and bringing along smells of iodine, marshes and fish, grasses and flowers. The sun is warm and bringing you health thru high doses of vitamin D and yes, you finally hooked one!

Galveston West Bay is my favorite place to fish. This time of the year there would be plenty of red fish, trout’s, croakers, and flounders. Good fishing and good eating all the way around.

Go ahead and give it a try to spend some time with your children, spouse, or friends. Fishing does a body and soul some good.