Whether you’re 5, 10 or 25 years away from retirement, now is the time to start planning. Although it might seem like too many years away, knowing how much you need to retire comfortably is always the important first step.

Here are three easy-to-use retirement calculators. Put in your individual information to find out how much you’ll need to be saving to reach your long-term goals.

1. Retirement Saving Calculator from CNN. This calculator helps you determine what you’re putting into taxable and non-taxable accounts and how long you have until you pull the money out.

2. Can you retire early? Use this calculator. If you’re looking to enjoy retired life a little earlier, use this calculator to determine if you’re saving enough now to last you later.

3. Wondering how fast your savings will grow? Find out with this calculator.

As always, if you’re ready to start talking finances, retirement or taxes, Preserve First is a great resource.